Bass Magazine Issue 13

Mike Dirnt: Fists In The Wind

With their new hit album, Saviors, Dirnt & Green Day remain on top of the world

Mike Dirnt: Fists In The Wind

With their new hit album, Saviors, Dirnt & Green Day remain on top of the world


Victoria De Angelis: Feeling the Rush

From small clubs in Italy to the arena stages of the world, Måneskin is taking over rock — and Vic is leading the charge

Stefan Lessard: Swimming The Fretboard 

Dave Matthews Band’s low ender reflects on his three decades in the group, his evolved view on writing, and his new approach to old material

Scott Mulvahill: His Time Has Come

Mulvahill broadens his scope on Survive

Meshell Ndegeocello: Strive. Adapt. Maintain.

Twenty Minutes With Meshell

Justin Chancellor: Into the Void

Amid a year of touring with Tool, Justin Chancellor unleashes a new installment from his duo side project, MTvoid

Issue Thirteen Spins, Streams & Downloads

Bass Magazine digs into the latest releases of albums, books, and videos involving all things bass

Georg Hólm: Moving the Air Around You

In his first bass interview, Hólm discusses the origins of Sigur Rós’ unique sound, playing without drums, and what makes Iceland a music hub

Backstage Bass: Clay Gober of Polyphia

We linked up with the progressive rocker to check out his gear and chat about his life in the band

Adam Blackstone: Bass Benefactor

Blackstone’s “Little Drummer Boy,” plus excerpts of other songs from his Legacy albums

10 Questions With Pops Magellan

The Brazilian bass phenom on how less can be more, her ideal gig, and developing her voice on bass

10 Questions With Michael Pipoquinha

Burning hotter than ever, the former child prodigy on the serious business of music, playing with Felix Pastorius, and what’s special about Brazil

Gear Shed

Review: Sunnaudio R2D3 Helion Preamp

Review: Music Man Joe Dart Signature Bass 


Transcription: Looking for Windows with Mike Dirnt

We take an in-depth look of the magic of Dirnt's bass playing

Jazz Concepts: The Big World Of Richard Davis

The Passing Of A Legend

Beginner Bass Base: The Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian & Aeolian

Recognizing each scale’s unique sound is essential skills for all musicians