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Gary Shea: No Parole

From Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Alcatrazz to his new band, Rock Island Orchestra, Gary Shea reflects on his life in rock.

Blink 182 Steve video 11.5.18.-13

Mark Hoppus: What's My Age Again?

In working on a followup to Blink-182’s most successful album and splitting time with his new hit duo, Simple Creatures, Hoppus is feeling just as spry as he did 25 years ago.


Stu Brooks: The Shape Of Bass To Come

Bassist, musical director, and producer extraordinaire Stu Brooks unleashes thunderous new albums with Dub Trio and Griz and discusses what it’s like playing in the Saturday Night Live Band.

Julie 12

Julie Slick: The Rebirth Of Slick

Master bass shredder Julie Slick discusses her latest album with her low-end duo EchoTest, what it’s like playing with Adrian Belew and Tony Levin, and why thinking is evil.