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Bassist Melissa Carper to Release Album 'Daddy’s Country Gold'

Melissa Carper has unveiled her brand new single “Makin’ Memories,” the first from her forthcoming album

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Watch Damian Erskine's Bass Bash 2020 Performance

Damian Erskine took the stage with his trio for Bass Bash 2020 and delivered a powerful set on the first night of the event


Music Man Releases New Short Scale Stingrays With Exclusive Finishes

Featuring all-new finishes, including Blue Magic, MicroPrism, and Scarlet Red


EMG Releases Les Claypool Signature ‘Pachyderm Gold’ P-Bass Pickups

The 'Pachyderm Gold' set brings a new, modern aesthetic to the tried-and-true tones of Claypool's preferred set of pickups

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Watch Teymur Phell's Performance From Bass Bash 2020

The full performance video of Teymur Phell and his quartet playing a powerful set at Bass Bash 2020


Tim Lefebvre Offers Bass Subs Video Tutorial

Tim Lefebvre discusses great ways to use sub pedals as a bassist and musician

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Watch the Low End Live Masterclass: Bassist Producers

Featuring Larry Klein, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Mike Elizondo, Stu Brooks, and Mark Browne

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Watch the Low End Live Masterclass: Pedals & Effects

Featuring Tim Lefebvre, Julie Slick, Ian Martin Allison, Neil Jason, John Avila, and Jonathan Herrera


Tal Wilkenfeld Releases “Christmas from a Distance” Spotify Playlist

We put on our Santa hat while listening and reached out to Tal to ask her about putting the list together and what else she has been up to

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Henrik Linder: Songified!

Henrik Linder and Dirty Loops Return With a Tuneful New EP, 'Phoenix'

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10 Questions With Tanya O'Callaghan

The Irish bass-slinger and vegan activist took a break from her busy life and many projects to answer our ten questions


Laura Lee: Leap Of Faith

Khruangbin’s Laura Lee reveals her journey behind their third album 'Mordechai,' and explains how mid-show wardrobe changes have become her calling card.