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Bass Magazine Issue 01

Colin Greenwood: How To Disappear Completely

Colin Greenwood: How To Disappear Completely

Colin Greenwood speaks at last about his playing & his role in the highly influential music of Radiohead

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Tal Wilkenfeld: Root Awakening

Tal Wilkenfeld Reveals Her Musical Soul With Love Remains

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Blessed Assurance: Andrew Gouché’s Farewell To Joel Smith

Andrew Gouché remembers his longtime friend and fellow bassist, Joel Smith


Kaveh Rastegar: Role Call

Kaveh Rastegar Parlays His Versatility Into An Auspicious Solo Debut


Larry Grenadier: The Gleaners

On his new ECM album, alternate tunings, Oscar Pettiford, Anton Webern, studio techniques & the loneliness of recording solo


Bob Daisley: The Power Of The Blues

Daisley’s otherworldly rhythmic and melodic sensibility adds a nuanced, Paul McCartney-like touch to his bass lines and firmly cements his place among rock’s most influential players.


Nicole Fiorentino: Return To The Spotlight

The ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist returns to the stage with a debut album from her new band Bizou.

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Kiyoshi: 5-String Superhero

Gaining attention from reaches of the globe far from Japan, Kiyoshi’s musical journey is gaining steam more than ever before.

by Kevin Baldes

Pancho Tomaselli: Low Rider

“I’m always busy, because I’m willing to work harder than anyone else. Aside from that, I’m just a shredder bass player who never plays roots and 5ths and was blessed with chops and a good ear.”


Adeline: Finding Her Inner Voice

With her debut solo album, Adeline is coming into her own as a solo artist.

Bubby Lewis Take Ten 1

10 Questions With Bubby Lewis

Bass ninja Robert "Bubby" Lewis took a quick break from his practice regime to answer our 10 Questions.


Victor Wooten: Street View

Victor Wooten Revisits Miles Davis’On the Corner with Dave Liebman & Jeff Coffin


Dallon Weekes: Lost & Found

After leaving Panic at the Disco, Dallon Weekes has found his own musical identity with his new drum and bass outfit, IDK How.

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Review: G&L Guitars CLF L-1000 Basses

A modern-era classic that can fill many roles and give the hallowed P-Bass a run for its money.


Review: Sadowsky Spruce Core Single Cut

The Spruce Core Single Cut is a resounding success — and nothing like the rest of Sadowsky’s existing lineup.

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Review: Aguilar Tone Hammer 700 & SL 115

Designed to serve players well, on and off the road, the TH 700 and the SL cabinet series promise to be easy on your back and awesome in your ears.

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What's Next? Bass Magazine's 2019 Winter NAMM Wrap-Up

We take a look at all of the latest, greatest gear from the 2019 Winter NAMM Show


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Partners: Leo Fender & the “Group of Guys”

Jim Roberts explores how builders and players have worked together to make better basses.

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The Inquirer: To The Future Of Bass!

Bass, synth, and studio guru Jonathan Herrera brings his unique perspective on the industry to the pages of Bass Magazine


Berklee Bass Babylon: Go Produce Yourself!

When it comes to recording chops, how you are going to creatively translate those rhythms and notes into an “at your convenience” means to pay your bills?

Beastie Boys Book

Issue One: Spins, Streams & Downloads

Bass Magazine digs into the latest releases of albums, books, and videos involving all things bass.