This January the new MEC bass pickups with brushed metal housings were presented at the NAMM Show (see press release below). These exceptional pickups are now available from well-sorted dealers and the Warwick Shop.

M 60139 SET BM

The brand new MEC bass pickups in brushed metal housings are unique on the world market, with a noble finish and optimally protected against interferences and damage. 1.5 years of development time have gone into these exclusive pickups, which are now available in gold, black and silver finishes.

M 60200 SET CMB

The MEC bass pickups in brushed metal housings represent an absolutely high-quality, unique product, which is manufactured by hand in our factory. Available in this series will be P, J, PJ, MM and soapbar-style pickups for 4, 5 and 6 string basses, both as a set and individually. Their sound and pickup quality correspond to the current MEC pickups, which are known to enjoy a very good reputation on the market. Warwick already uses these new pickups as standard on all Custom Shop / Masterbuilt basses.

M 60206 SET CM

The product range of MEC Pickups is remarkably extensive:

· Guitar pickups

· Bass pickups

· Double bass pickup

· Bass electronics (passive and active)

· Potentiometers

· Switches

· Connection sockets

· Various parts, such as circuit boards, battery compartments and shielding spray

Also in the range of MEC Pickups, among others:

· ST style pickups with chrome or gold cover

· P90 soapbar pickups with chrome or gold cover

· Humbucker pickups with chrome or gold cover

· Framus Vintage Atlantic guitar pickups

· Jazz guitar pickups

· Completely equipped pickguards

· Soapbar Bass Pickups for 5- or 6-string basses

· Vintage singlecoil and humbucker bass pickups with chrome or gold cover

· Electriv double bass pickups, also for left-handed instruments

The complete MEC range is available from our web shop and from well-stocked dealers. All MEC products are of very high quality and offer excellent sound characteristics at reasonable prices.

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