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After a gap of nearly a year, the Fuzz Bob-Omb is back in production at Rare Buzz Effects. An epic pedal of epic epicness, the Fuzz Bob-Omb produces diverse fuzz tones – from subtle rumble to high pitched scrapes. A fuzz for those who hate fuzz, it finds a home in varying musical genres: blues, metal, rock, or songs that make you think about death and get sad and stuff. The Fuzz Bob-Omb sounds just as good on bass, even if you only play one note the entire song.

The second run of the Fuzz Bob-Omb is improved by a more robust power supply network and more dynamic output – controlled by the large custom Bob-Omb knob. The audio path, based on the nearly forgotten Kazan Booster, is unchanged. Inside the bright red sparkle enclosure, the Fuzz Bob-Omb uses a variety of surplus germanium components, all sourced from Ukraine. Premium parts from Neutrik, Lumberg, and Gorva Design round out the build.


Like the first run, the new Fuzz Bob-Omb features relay switching that is electronically isolated from the audio path. By using a mechanical switch, the on/off state of the effect remains the same if power is lost or cycled, making the Fuzz Bob-Omb ideal for advanced pedalboard layouts using loop switching.

The revised Fuzz Bob-Omb is currently available exclusively from Rare Buzz Effects on their website and through authorized retailers.