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JOYO Audio launches MA-10 series. MA-10 series are portable amps specially designed for different instruments. Each model has dual channel dedicated for the related instruments, you can switch the channel with button on the panel.

  • MA-10A: Acoustic guitar
  • MA-10E: Electric guitar
  • MA-10B: Electric bass

Two hidden strap buckles on both sides of the amp, you can carry it on your back, and bring it everywhere. With 5 inches customized full frequency speaker, high quality Aux In and 3.5mm stereo Headphone Output, you’ll play guitar interference-free and enjoy the subtleness of music. Moreover, the innovative logo of this series will illumine when it's switched on.

This series support different power supply modes, you can use the attached power adapter or 6xAA batteries, battery life would last about 3 hrs.


  • Switchable dual channel.
  • 3.5mm stereo Headphone Output.
  • High quality Aux In.
  • The logo will illumine when it’s switched on.
  • Hidden shoulder strap buckles on both sides.
  • A 5 inches customized full frequency speaker, with rated power of 10W(RMS).
  • Different power supply modes, a power adapter or 6xAA batteries.

The MA-10 series carry street price of $38.99 for MA-10A, $32.99 for MA-10E, $35.99 for MA-10B, and they're available at global JOYO dealers.

For more visit: Joyo Audio