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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, today announces a new generation of Fender Audio™ products in partnership with licensee Generation-S Private Limited and Riff SoundWorks, which deliver a premium sonic performance. Available now on, Fender Audio’s™ three part collection includes true-wireless stereo earphones (TWS), professional in-ear monitors and Bluetooth speakers offering players and music enthusiasts high-quality sound at every stage of their musical journey, whether that be on the road, in the studio or at home.

Since 1946, Fender has cemented their footprint as a leader in sonic innovation. Beginning with the introduction of cutting edge amplifiers, the lap steel guitar and eventually moving into his first iconic guitar model—the Telecaster®—founder Leo Fender revolutionized the signal chain, changing the world of music forever. That same legacy and responsibility to deliver iconic sound through cutting edge innovation lives through in the new high-performance Fender Audio™ Collection.


“This chapter of Fender Audio™ products represents the brand's next evolution of sound and innovation, building on the blueprint created over 75 years ago,” said Richard Bussey, VP of Accessories, Lifestyle and Licensing. “We designed this series as user and audio friendly systems. Even the aesthetics of the Bluetooth speakers hearken back to Leo Fender’s early days as an amplifier and instrument repairman in Fullerton, California.”

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Equipped with 3D printed designs, ambient noise blocking settings and comfortable ergonomic features, Fender Audio™ expands the personal sound experience, allowing for distraction-free listening with technical accuracy that supports a clear, powerful and acoustically optimized sound. From the Tour Series for road warriors, the Producer Series for studio creatives to the Classic Series bluetooth speakers for music lovers and players alike - there’s a multitude of flexible sonic options in this compact, easy-to-use portable collection. Now players everywhere can experience the professional, signature Fender sound that is loved by millions of musicians and artists around the world. The new collection includes the following series:


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The Tour Series

The Tour Series’ true-wireless earphones combine sound technology and noise canceling for a functional and rich “live'' performance sound while Tour and Trour Pro also incorporate app support.. With a sweat resistant design, Fender Audio Engine™ and clear speech microphone, the Tour, Tour Lite and Tour Pro are built to transport music that feels alive, with a clean and strong bass.

● TOUR ($149.00 USD)

○ Tour features a proprietary 7mm full range dynamic driver, super-charged by a custom tuned audio DSP engine. Finish options include Black Sparkle Metallic Finish and Candy Apple Red Metallic Finish. Available now.


○ Tour Lite is a hybrid driver configuration and is super-charged by a custom tuned audio DSP engine. Finish options include Arctic White and Midnight Slate. Available Nov 2022.


○ Tour Pro features a hybrid driver configuration and is super-charged by a custom tuned audio DSP engine. Available Nov 2022.

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The Producer Series

Shell-shaped professional in-ear monitors allow for a warm and full analog tone. The Producers Series is developed and tuned by an acoustic engineer, rock singer and recording and mastering engineer. Assembled with patented driver hybrid systems and Fender’s studio sound signature, the Track, Track Lite, Track Pro, Mix and Mix Pro offer a dynamic and resonant in-studio sound.

● TRACK ($279.99 USD)

○ Track includes a 2 driver hybrid system and liquid silicone resin driver. Track Lite has a single liquid silicone resin dynamic driver, while Track Pro features a 3 driver hybrid system. Track available now. Track Lite and Track Pro available Q1 2023.

● MIX ($699.99 USD)

○ The Mix features a 4 driver hybrid system, as well as studio sound signature. Available now.

● MIX PRO ($999.99 USD)

○ The Mix Pro features a 6 driver hybrid system and studio sound signature. Available now.

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