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Sassafras is a fragrant North American hardwood with an open grain, soft texture, and light brown color. Sassafras makes an excellent Swamp Ash alternative thanks to its strong resemblance and comparable average weight.

With so many other available species, why introduce another tone wood?

In recent years, Swamp Ash has become harder to dependably source. The growing scarcity of Swamp Ash is also unlikely to change. While environmental condition have contributed to recent decreases in supply, the emerald ash borer beetle has been devastating Ash trees in North America since 2002. This invasive insect is likely to contribute to further future reductions of mature Ash trees depended upon to supply instrument grade lumber.

Fortunately, Elrick Bass Guitars is still holding a good supply of Swamp Ash to satisfy custom orders. But with the increasing difficulty sourcing new inventories of Swamp Ash and its rising cost, the retail price of instruments utilizing this coveted material are also sure to increase.

Sassafras is not only an excellent alternative already delivering outstanding results for Elrick Bass Guitars, it is not without industry provenance. In fact, Sassafras can be found on some of the most coveted Fender guitars and basses from the mid 1950s!

We’re very excited to introduce a new generation of players to this outstanding unique musical wood. Whether you choose from one of our in-stock instruments, or specify Sassafras on your next custom order, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as we are with this excellent new option!

Elrick Basses are available directly from Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd., as well as select Elrick dealers worldwide. 

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