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From Adamovic: Many of our clients are looking for a modern bass with a very warm yet clean and articulate tone and fast response. Often accompanied with a shorter scale with narrow spacing for easier chord playing and extended range for solo work.

Together with our ergonomic designs and the Rampbar, with built in ramp and a larger right hand position area, the Katana is a perfect finger style bass to express oneself in the most subtle ways.



For the warm and articulate sound we chose the combination of woods that would extend these characteristics.

The African mahogany is a lightweight body wood that adds punch and warmth to the tone. The mellow and sweet sound of mahogany is a perfect contrast to our harder and brighter sounding fingerboard woods like the ebony and greenheart.

The hard and dense ebony produces a very articulate sound with very quick response and a bell like high end ring and great tone articulation. As an alternative the greenheart is an even harder and denser wood than ebony but with a higher resin content which produces an equally articulate and responsive sound but with compressed high end and a warmer, woody tone.



For the neck we have chosen our true and tested combination of Hard Maple and Wenge.

This combination has a very balanced, vintage but bright, open tone. And as an alternative we offer our very popular ash - guariuba - hard maple combination because of the balanced sound it produces. Warm deep lows, bright midrange and sweet treble. Basses with this neck combination always sit very well in the mix.

For the top wood we have chosen the medium dense woods mahogany and Boire as our standard option. This complements the other woods perfectly.


Based on the Halo model the Katana has an extended fingerboard with 27 frets and a re-designed horn and treble side to give a better access to the 27th fret. It’s designed for perfect balance, maximum support, and ease and freedom of movement and features our X-ergo shaping, an ergonomic carved back that fits perfectly to your body and enhances stability and balance.

These features enable you to play faster with less effort, allowing you to play for longer without fatigue. You can read more about it here.

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