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Attak Piks have raised formations on their front and/or rear surfaces, including ridges, bumps, or other mathematically-derived protruding elements. These raised formations, located on the tip of the pick, cause a pattern of multiple strikes of a string in a single pluck, generating multiple different pulse waves that propagate along the string with different frequencies and amplitudes and at different times. This produces greater complexity in the superposition of waves compared to a simple standing wave produced by traditional flat-tipped picks which, in turn, leads to sound enhancements such as desirous harmonics, frequency enhancements, and percussive effects.

Attak enhances the mid-range harmonics while exciting the upper-mid harmonics, ideal for the lead guitarist. Ambush is Attak on steroids, exciting the upper mid-range harmonics near the point of harshness but also thickening the lower mid-range harmonics, bringing out a fullness sought by rhythm guitarists and bassists. Both picks have been tested and developed across a spectrum of guitars and basses, and actually offer even more unique features for each.

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