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From the great Crack the Sky comes Joe Macre and his solo album, Bullet Train. Joe Macre is best known as the original bassist for the progressive rock band Crack the Sky, whose debut was voted album of the year in Rolling Stone Magazine in 1975 and is still considered one of the top fifty progressive rock albums of all time.

Bullet Train was written and recorded from 2019 to 2021 featuring a cast of musicians such as John Palumbo, Rick Witkowski, Jimmy Griffiths, Bobby Hird and Joey D'Amico of Crack the Sky fame, as well as many other talents. Joe is currently working on his next album and hopes to schedule a tour for this release.

Renaissance Records has announced that Bullet Train by Joe Macre will be available to order this June of 2021 onto CD. Bullet Train is a collection of ten songs both written and recorded at Joe Mac's American Garage, a car garage now known as a recording studio for musicians worldwide. 

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