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From Bryan Beller:

Well, this is it: "Scenes From The Flood" RELEASE WEEK is here! It's a strange feeling. I'm pacing like a nervous father in the maternity ward. But I'm excited to finally, at long last, share this work with you. So let's get started. 

(But not before a quick link for those who were thinking, "Well, I'll order it when it comes out." It comes out in four days!)

Click here to go to the Bryan Beller USA/Canada Webstore.

Throughout Wednesday September 11 and Thursday September 12, there will be three opportunities to hear "Scenes From The Flood" from start to finish for the very first time! Myself and (mostly) Godsticks bassist Dan Nelson (thank you Dan!) have created a full-album-length video featuring the artwork from the booklet and a few other cool bits. It will give you the feeling of browsing through the two 20-page CD booklets (or single 24-page booklet if you got the double vinyl) as you hear the music for the very first time. And I'll be "in the chat room" as they say, following the comments and probably commenting along with you while it all goes down. 


U.S. East Coast: Wednesday, September 11, 8:00 EDT

U.S. West Coast: Wednesday, September 11, 8:00 PDT

(For those in the U.S. Central and Mountain Time Zones, pick your favorite from above. :-) )

U.K./Europe: Thursday, 12 September, 20:00 GMT (London) / 21:00 CET (most of Europe)


It's happening on my Facebook Musician Page, which I really hope you're following if indeed you are on Facebook.

Click here to go to the Bryan Beller Facebook Musician Page 

The East Coast premiere video post is pinned to the top of the page, but the two others are there on the page, even if you have to scroll down a bit (I can't pin them all to the top). If you're on Facebook you may have received a notification about it. You can click "Get Reminder" if you like. 

As I mentioned above, if you're on Facebook you'll be able to comment as the video is playing, and I'll be hanging out for the duration of each of these three video events. After the album is over for each event, I'll stick around for about 5-10 minutes, and then…the video will come down! So don't miss one of these three chances to be a part of this special event. 

Listen, I'm not gonna sit here and say I know *exactly* how all of this works. I'm a one-man operation and I'm learning on the fly. But this seems like a cool, fun way to experience this for the first time, together, and I did test it out successfully with a five-minute video a couple of days ago. So, it *can* work. 

Australia: I tried to find a good time to do a separate viewing for you but this week just got too nuts, and 8:00pm in your fair land is 3:00am here in Los Angeles. <:-0 Hopefully you can check out one of the three times listed above. I think the U.S. West Coast premiere (September 11, 8:00pm Los Angeles) will land in Oz on September 12 at 1:00pm in Melbourne/Sydney? I have much love for Straya on this album, with Forrester Savell as the mix/master engineer, and Jake Howsam Lowe playing guitar on "The Storm", so just know I'm thinking of you all the way down there.  

(For the FB-negative folks out there: Yes, I know it's on Facebook, and I know some have issues with Zuckerstan, but like I said, I'm a one-man operation and it's simply the best place to make this happen, so hopefully you can make this work for you. If not, I get it, and hey, the record comes out on Friday anyway.)