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Bass Magazine Issue 07

Nine Lives of Thundercat

Nine Lives of Thundercat

L.A. dude. New icon. Virtuoso. Session cat. Ringleader. Fanboy. Bass demon. Superhero. Philosopher. Stephen Bruner is living his best lives nine at a time

High res KC

10 Questions With Tanya O'Callaghan

The Irish bass-slinger and vegan activist took a break from her busy life and many projects to answer our ten questions


Laura Lee: Leap Of Faith

Khruangbin’s Laura Lee reveals her journey behind their third album 'Mordechai,' and explains how mid-show wardrobe changes have become her calling card.


Issue Seven: Spins, Streams & Downloads

Bass Magazine digs into the latest releases of albums, books, and videos involving all things bass.

Jake Silco

Mike Gordon: Power Lunch

Mike Gordon & Leo Kottke Return With 'Noon

John McMurtrie

Steve Harris: Into The Burning

Steve Harris Takes British Lion By The Scruff Of The Neck and Into 'The Burning'


dUg Pinnick: Full Circle

The southpaw 12-stringer is rocking harder than ever, which is evident on the new record from KXM


Review: Olinto Relic Bass

In the increasingly crowded world of high-end P-style basses, the Olinto is among the very best

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Review: Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass

We take a look Fender's American Ultra Jazz model and break down what makes it unique and how it sounds

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Review: Seamoon Funk Machine

We break down the pedal with top-shelf downward-sweeping filter sounds that are every bit as funky as the original


Video Review: Phil Jones Bass C2

The Phil Jones Bass' C2 is a 200 Watt shoebox size cabinet containing the smallest speaker ever produced by PJB


Ida Nielsen: Complete Transcription of “Feels So”

The Danish dame goes slapless on her singer–songwriter album


Jazz Concepts: High School Jazz

In this edition, John Goldsby breaks down Larry Gales' playing with Thelonious Monk


Beginner Bass Base: Building Blocks of a Groove (Part 2 of 4)

Master bass educator Patrick Pfeiffer helps build every element of your playing with his Beginner Bass Base column


t-cat namm

Issue 7: Editor's Letter

Bass Magazine Editor-In-Chief Jon D'Auria gives the low down on this issue