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At the beginning of January we announced our RockBoard® innovations in a press release. At the Winter NAMM Show 2019, which took place from January 24to 27in Anaheim/California, our RockBoard brand received the coveted “NAMM Best in Show” Award in the accessories category!

The entire Framus & Warwick & RockBoard® team, headed by company manager Hans-Peter Wilfer, is extremely pleased about this award.

· New RockBoard® Mini Board Duo 2.0

· The slot grid of the RockBoards has been extended to the edges of the boards - perfect for the use of the new optional RockBoard QuickMount plates

· Additional mounting positions added for RockBoard® The Tray - Universal power supply mounting solution (for RockBoard® Quad 4.2, Cinque 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 models)

· The RockBoards 5.3 and 5.4 have received additional slots for a second optional MOD module

· Power Block: power supply with 8 x 9V DC and 2 x 18V DC outputs for effect pedals

· QuickMount plates - for easy and safe attachment of effect pedals

· PedalSafe - transparent covers with removable cap for effect pedals - fits QuickMount plates

· Damper: Damper Caps for too bright effect pedal LEDs

· MOD V2: Updates for all MODs - new MOD modules including two Power MODs (75W or 150W power amps for RockBoards)

· LED Lights - optional pedalboard lighting, multicolored

· BigToe and StomPete Footswitch Toppers - Enlarging the footprint of foot switches

· PatchWorks Solderless Cable Products

· SAPPHIRE Series Flat Patch Cables – “the best of our best”, cables with audiophile components

· Flat Patch Color Code Rings - for color marking of Flat Patch Cables

· Bender75 - Flat Bender Connector - super flexible 75mm long connector for effect pedals

· Extended RockBoard® accessory range

· Lightweight, sturdy ABS pedalboard cases as an alternative to flight cases and gig bags

· New Professional Pedalboard Bags

See the RockBoard® catalogue for more information: