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Tiny Team of Tone

Introducing Flashback 2 Mini Delay & Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb

The new Flashback 2 Mini and HOF 2 Mini are the ultimate tone team, overflowing with awesome sounds while fitting on even the most crowded of pedalboards.

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Express yourself!

Our new Minis feature our groundbreaking MASH technology that brings a wide range of creative expression to the party, controlled solely by how much pressure you apply to the footswitch.

Making the most of pedalboard real estate

Whether you need to drive your tone through long cables and crowded signal chains or you need squeaky clean true bypass depends on your setup.

These Mini pedals give you the power to choose between either a transparent buffered bypass or totally true bypass. 

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Flexibility is key

Powered by our proprietary TonePrint technology, these pedals provide virtually any studio grade tone that their larger brethren are capable of.

Room, cathedral and shimmer reverbs; tape, analog, and pristine digital delays are all available for HOF 2 Mini and Flashback 2 Mini using TonePrints. 

Modulation in all things

Mixing modulation with time-based effects like delay and reverb is extremely satisfying. That's why there’s an advanced modulation engine hiding in both these awesome pedals!

You can even turn Flashback 2 Mini into a dedicated chorus or flanger - just download the TonePrint app and create your own unique sounds!

Tapper's delight

Flashback 2 Mini’s tap tempo lets you sync up your riffage to make sure those repeats are dead on.

Just enable tap tempo in the TonePrint app, hold down the footswitch for a second until you see the red LED turn green, and show your drummer who’s the boss!