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The original Blister & Peel, first visualized nearly two years ago, had already developed its share of fans as pedals trickled out into the world from a tiny workshop in West Seattle.

Now, the louder-than-life fuzz drive has been updated and improved in the V.2, set to be released on June 26th.

The dual drive pedal — the Blister side offers everything from clean boost to moderate distortion and the Peel side offers more of a puritan fuzz sound — has been praised from coast to coast and beyond, with players loving the wide range of tones available in the simple box. The V.2 takes it to the next level in quality and aesthetics, with changes inside and out that make it the ultimate drive pedal.

“Rarely have I met two fuzz circuits more perfectly matched,” said Jamie Wolfert, a Portland guitarist and videographer who recorded the first demo of the V.2.

Building on the success of the original pedal, the V.2 has improvements throughout:

  • Now on PCB for high build quality and consistent, clean internal aesthetic including daughter boards for switching
  • Added capacitors to improve and extend gain sweep on both sides
  • Improvements for low noise operation
  • Sleek and high-quality Gorva Design S90 enclosure
  • Ultra high-quality soft-click Gorva foot switches
  • High-end Switchcraft or Neutrick jacks
  • New lower price of $165

For the uninitiated, the Blister & Peel Fuzz Drive V.2 combines two amazing and simple circuits to cover light boost to heavy fuzz. The Blister side is based on the classic Electra distortion, with offerings that verge on octave fuzz as the gain is cranked. The Peel side brings a more classic fuzz sound with its roots in the mythical Christian H. Bazz Fuss circuit. Combined, the two circuits will provide extreme fuzz verging on bitstortion.

“They sound REALLY good together — like jump out tha’ speaker and slap you in the face good,” Wolfert said.

From a Billboard band, to punk rock legends Lagwagon, to up-and-comers in Seattle, pedals from Spun Loud are already getting put through their paces on the touring circuit — pre-pandemic, of course — and receiving high praise from everyone who plugs one in.

Not just a guitar pedal, the Blister & Peel V.2 is also a highly capable and usable bass pedal. Both circuits maintain the integrity of the guitar’s tone while filtering just the right amount of highs and lows.

Handmade in West Seattle — one of the centers of the music universe — by recovering journalist Dan DeMay, the Blister & Peel is not only an impressive sounding piece of equipment. Constructed in a blazing orange powder coated enclosure with polished aluminum knobs, it’s also a beautiful pedal to add to any collection.

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