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Today's Find of the Week is a very special and exceedingly rare 1966 Fender P-Bass that belonged to John Entwistle of The Who. According to the listing, this was one of just 20 or 25 of these squared-off slab body P-Basses that Fender made specifically for the UK market.

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While this bass might look like a standard '66 P-Bass at first glance, what differentiates it its uncontoured Telecaster-style ash body married to a neck with a laid-on maple fingerboard. The maple-capped neck was particularly rare, as it was a custom-order feature and not offered as a stock appointment at that time.

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Entwistle is reported to have owned around three of these scarce models, including the one featured in this listing. Entwistle wrote in his book, Bass Culture, that this was a special instrument with an eventually refinished body. The bass remained part of the late musician's personal collection before being sold at auction several years ago. Purchase of this instrument will include all of its documentation.

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Be sure to check out the full listing for more photos and a description of this stunning piece of famously owned vintage bass history.