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Pedal Pods is a powered, modular, locking, pedalboard system designed by Pedal Evolution in Richmond, Va. It allows you to expand the overall size and shape of your pedalboard quickly and easily. Pedals can be arranged in multiple ways- one row deep, two rows deep, or three rows deep. Pedal Pods are lightweight and come with a built-in, isolated power supply with selectable voltage for each pedal. Choose 5, 9, 12, 15, or 18 volts with the flip of a switch. Pedal Pods provide plenty of space for each pedal, so no more overcrowding!


Pedal Pods allow you to add or reconfigure pedals without the physical limitations of conventional pedalboards. You can expand in multiple configurations using connectable pods and mount pedals on angles or stair-stepped using risers. The Pedal Pods system is simple. You can add additional pedals in minutes with minimal tools or experience. 

Integrated Power and Audio

Each Pedal Pod has high-current capability with built-in, isolated power for each pedal. You can choose the voltage for each individual pedal to insure it runs at its best. Pedal Pods come with two separate but combinable loops for direct-in and effects send/return options.

Sound Quality

Pedal Pods provide high fidelity sound quality. There is built-in noise reduction and a selectable buffer to maintain your tone’s strength and purity.

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