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Mojo Hand FX has unveiled their newest original design, the Octaverse Reverse Octave Delay pedal. The Octaverse is a dedicated reverse octave delay – perhaps the only stompbox currently in production that offers this amazing, dreamy effect as a standalone pedal.

A wonderfully cinematic and expressive effect used by just a handful of in-the-know guitarists, reverse octave delay can add otherworldly sonic textures to your creative toolkit. The Octaverse offers a wide array of moody, mind-altering reverse octave delay effects and includes a pushbutton selector for High or Low octave reverse delay preference. Functions that were previously available only on some high-priced multi-function delays are now easily attainable with this simple pedal design, perfectly suited for instant gratification (and tweakability!) onstage or in the studio.

The Octaverse features include:

· Controls for Rate, Mix, and Feedback

· Push button selection for High or Low Octave Delay options

· True-bypass switching

· 9v, center negative power supply – no battery compartment

· Baked-on sparkle powdercoat

· Made in USA, limited lifetime warranty

Price: $159 

To purchase, visit: