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Do you want to become a better bass player? MarloweDK can help you get there with just ten minutes practice a day with the BassGym app.

Using the app to practice five exercises every day will help you get great results with your stamina, dexterity and general bass playing skills. And it's a great way to warm up for whichever practice routine you have.

The app features sixty exercises arranged into five categories across three levels of difficulty:

- Arpeggios

- Endurance

- Rhythm

- Scalar

- Technique

You can practice the same exercises each day or choose a different one each time. The BassGym app will keep track of your progress so you can monitor your improvement.

You can listen to each exercise at any speed using the app's in-built player. There is also a metronome or drum beat to help you play along at the correct speed. You can view the exercise as tab or as animated notes on a bass fretboard.

Start becoming a better bass player today with the BassGym app by MarloweDK.

Download the app: Here