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Today, Fender has announced the launch of WebGL technology is now a part of the Mod Shop experience on It’s the perfect feature enabling players to see their custom creations in a fully 3D rendered view before purchasing their dream bass.


One of the only music companies to utilize this technology, Fender is enhancing the Mod Shop by creating a whole new customization experience. WebGL (short for “Web Graphics Library”) a JavaScript API used for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser. WebGL is fully integrated with other web development standards, allowing physics and image processing techniques to be applied directly to the web page canvas. Stated more simply: WebGL has become the web standard used to deliver interactive 3D imagery through both desktop and mobile web browsers. Fender is leveraging WebGL on the Mod Shop platform to deliver enhanced 3D visuals and interactivity throughout the Mod Shop configuration process. Through this technology, Fender customers can enjoy fully 3D rendered visuals while creating a factory-customized electric guitar or bass.

Fender will also be offering a variety of new options for Mod Shop guitars and basses:

  • Roasted Pine Bodies (Sienna Sunburst and Butterscotch Blonde colors): $100
  • Solid Rosewood Necks: $200
  • Bigsby Bridge Telecaster: $150
  • Pure Vintage Pickups: $50
  • HS Tele with Yosemite Pickups: $50
  • Big 70s Headstock Strat/Tele: no upcharge 

For more visit: Fender Mod Shop