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Meet the new DIST2 Dual-Impedance Bass Speaker Cab

The most sophisticated Epifani cab ever. Redesigned from the ground up with new dual voice-coil speakers, a smarter crossover, and a lower price.

Powerful and portable 1x12. Bring a massive sound wherever you go. The compact 1x12 packs a punch without the extra weight. The dual voice-coil Neodymium driver can handle up to 350 watts of clear, fast power. Yet the whole cabinet weighs just 28 pounds. 

Fill any stage with two 10s. Or four. Rated at over 500 watts, DIST2 2x10 fills the stage with a long throw and wide dispersement. A pair of custom neo drivers move like lightning, producing a highly accurate sound all your own. 

Pairing two 2x10 cabs gives you the ultimate versatility. With a combined 1000 watts of power handling, every show becomes epic.

Need more? Stack two cabs, and switch both to 8 Ohms. The high speed drivers will keep your attack super-clean. 

User switchable between 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms so you can get the most from your amp

Custom Epifani dual voice-coil speakers by Eminence

1x12 [350W] and 2x10 [500W] configurations

Portable, powerful, and versatile.

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