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The Warren Ellis series got started almost ten years ago, with the launch of our first model - the original Warren Ellis Signature Tenor.

Warren Ellis (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds /Grinderman/ soundtrack composer) contacted Eastwood CEO Michael Robinson asking us to create the electric tenor guitar he had been longing for - and ever since, it has become a vital instrument in his work, featured in songs such as "Jubilee Street" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:

The Warren Ellis Series has now become it’s own runaway world of modern electric instruments inspired, by traditional folk/classical instruments but now perfectly suited for today's player - in whatever genre.

The new Warren Ellis Bass Guitar is the next, natural addition to the range - a short-scale bass guitar especially voiced to sound good even through a typical lead guitarist's setup - without the need to get yourself a bass amp.


Designed and voiced to work/integrate with your pedalboard rig, we wanted a low end instrument that you could quickly switch to from your guitar and have it open up a whole new sonic world that you didn’t know was down there, in an instrument that will feel comfortable and natural to play if you're more used to electric guitars than basses.

Whatever you push at the Guitar: fuzz, saturated distortion, ring mods, 20 second reverbs, deep flanges, loop after loop after loop, it will work with you, and inspire you to create.

Of course, the Warren Ellis Bass Guitar also sounds great through a bass amp. You a bass!

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