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With enhanced durability, improved equalizer, studio-grade compression, impulse response cabinet emulation, and MIDI control, the Microtubes 900 v2 features all the options the modern, professional bassist needs in a compact, sleek, and loud format.

Illustrated by the amazing artist Christopher Lovell, "Euryale" is one of the most epic, dark artwork we have seen in the past few years.

While it does offer an impressive 900 watts to push some serious air through a speaker cabinet, the Darkglass Microtubes v2 amp head has everything you need for outstanding direct tones too. It has memory for up to three IR cabinet sims, and you can upload your own via USB. You also have your choice of pre- and post-processing DI outputs, allowing you to choose how much the Microtubes v2 shapes your tone.

The Darkglass Microtubes v2 has the flexibility you need to integrate with practically any bass rig. Dual speaker outputs offer 1/4" or speakON connectivity. A send/return loop makes it easy to integrate pedals and other effects processors. You can even optimize the Microtubes v2's performance for any type of bass pickups, thanks to its passive/active input mode selector.

Whether you're waiting backstage before a performance or waiting for your turn in the studio, Sweetwater knows it pays to stay warmed up on your instrument. The Microtubes v2 features an 1/8" aux input for your smartphone, and a headphone output with its own volume control. Even with your rig fully set up, you can set up a private practice session to work on lines or simply jam along with your favorite tracks.


Darkglass Microtubes v2 Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • 900-watt solid state bass amplifier head
  • Dual TS/speakON speaker outputs, with 4-ohm or 2-ohm functionality
  • Direct outputs for both pre- and post-processed signals
  • Passive/Active switch optimizes performance for passive or active bass pickups
  • Aux input and headphone output allow you to practice along with a music player
  • Acclaimed Microtubes overdrive/distortion engine allows you to dial in harmonic richness and sonic girth
  • VCA compressor for controlling dynamics and fattening your tone
  • 6-band EQ gives you powerful tone shaping options
  • Memory for three IR cabinet simulations, uploadable via USB
  • MIDI input for remote switching

For more visit: Darkglass Electronics