Bergantino Audio Systems Welcomes Frederick Reisen to Their Family of Artists

Fred Reisen holds down the low end for the up and coming live house/techno band Dynohunter

Bergantino Audio Systems Welcomes Frederick Reisen to Their Family of Artists

Fred Reisen holds down the low end for the up and coming live house/techno band Dynohunter

Born in New Jersey and now living in Boulder, Colorado, Fred Reisen holds down the low end for the up and coming live house/techno band, Dynohunter. Their music is a one of a kind take on the live electronic genre. They blend their live instrumentation with house and techno-studio productions creating a vibe of tribal, deep yet spontaneous dance music.

Dynohunter is truly a breath of fresh air to the world of electronic dance music. With a sound embraced by fans of house and techno and a live performance fueled by the organic energy of live instrumentation, their music is undeniable on the dance floor. Dynohunter’s ability to blend deep electronic influences with live saxophone, bass, and drums forges a new path in the vast expanse of electronic music.

They’ve opened for some of the biggest names in Livetronica including Papadosio, Eoto, Opiuo, Sunsquabi, Ott, and The New Deal as well as supporting world renowned DJ’s Shpongle, Bonobo, Infected Mushroom, Klingande, and The M Machine. No stranger to the festival community, Dynohunter has performed at music festivals across the country including Electric Forest, Summercamp, Joshua Tree, Sonic Bloom and Arise. With an unparalleled work ethic and a one of a kind performance, Dynohunter has established themselves as the Livetronica artist to watch.

Reisen said playing the bass in Dynohunter requires a style and tone that is “driving, deep and groovy” all the while keeping the dance floor moving for the entirety of their sets.

For all his bass rig needs, Fred has found a home with Bergantino Audio Systems. His current setup includes the forté HP and HG412.

Fred reminisces about his first connections with the band:

“Clark, the saxophone player, started Dynohunter by producing music in his dorm room and he is still the engine that makes it go. At this point, seven years in, we have all have had to sacrifice and we have taken this group very seriously to grow beyond just being a local band. We have continually pushed ourselves to make this band as unique and impactful as we possibly can.

“We are making dance music but want our music to have a deep resonance with the people. That connection and impact is what we strive for as we carve out our own niche in the world of house and techno.

“When we write, we always have the live show in mind. We often envision how each song will fit into a set and which of emotions it will we bring out. Although Clark has written a lot of the music over the years, we all try and collaborate on a lot of the songs as well and I truly think our best music is yet to come”

In the live realm, the music of Dynohunter makes people move and feel something.

“When we hear stuff like, ‘You guys took us on a journey.’ or ‘I feel like I just experienced sound bath therapy.’ That’s when I know Nic, Clark and I are doing it right up there.”

“We always perform the best we can and give one hundred percent on stage all the time. When opportunity calls, we seize them and always do our best. Our philosophy is that we can’t afford to have an ‘off’ show and that you must have your best foot forward all the time!”

Fred Reisen, on why he chose Bergantino gear:

“I had the pleasure of playing some great, world class sounding gear but for me it was never perfect. In my most recent rig, the cabs were heavy (over 150 lbs. combined), and the head was either too big and fragile or not quite highly powered enough.

“One night I bumped into a buddy of mine, Bergantino Artist Dan Africano, and we were discussing how his low-end needs while playing bass for reggae giants John Brown’s Body, and minewere very similar.

“We both needed something with super clean and deep lows while retaining great punch and clarity. As most bass players know that is not always an easy task.”

“Dan shared his experiences with me about his Bergantino Audio Systems gear. I went to his house and had the chance to play through some of his gear. As soon as I started to play through the Bergantino gear, I realized how much thought had gone into making the gear. It was what I considered the best gear I have ever played out of and by a long shot.”

“What Jim has engineered and built into his gear is exactly what a real gigging bass player is looking for. My Bergantino set up (forté HP and HG412) is simultaneously a plug and play beauty and a tone-tinkerer’s dream. You can either set it and forget it or tweak knobs until you find heaven in a bass tone.The forté HP and its 1200 watts, provide a dreamy amount of headroom and the HG412 has handled everything I have thrown at it and it sounds great on large and small stages alike.Ultimately, Bergantino Audio Systems achieves what I thought was impossible: extremely high-quality bass tones in a lightweight, compact and durable package with the versatility to match any style while being both easy to use and intuitive yet highly customizable and able to dial in your perfect tone.”

“Frederick is a gifted, inspired and a positive human being. I first met Frederick when he came by Bergantino Audio Systems with his DynoHunter bandmates, Clark and Nic, to check out our bass amps. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meeting everyone and spending time learning more about their history, background and the music they create. I believe they have a very bright future ahead of them,” says company founder Jim Bergantino.

More about Dynohunter:

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