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Los Angeles, CA’s Weezer has released a new video for the song “Grapes Of Wrath,” one of the standout tracks on the band’s most recent and much-loved album, OK Human. The video, which sees the band listening to audiobooks -- among other things -- while avoiding a group video meeting, was co-directed by frequent Weezer collaborator Brendan Walter and Jasper Graham. The band decided to release the video today in honor of the 82nd anniversary of when Grapes Of Wrath was published. 

As previously announced, Weezer will also be teaming up with the prestigious Los Angeles Philharmonic and YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) for the first time ever for a livestreamed show on April 16 in the U.S. and April 17 in Asia/Australia/Europe/UK. Performed at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall, and presented by NoCap, the livestream will showcase Weezer’s most recent and much-loved album, OK Human, which came out earlier this year on Crush Music/Atlantic Records, in addition to other Weezer favorites.


Taking the listener bit by bit through parts of Cuomo's every day, OK Human is a Technicolor symphonic spree that meditates on how over-and-under-connected we all are. In addition to it being the first time Weezer have ever featured full orchestration on any of their records, OK Human is also packed to the brim with some of the best, most personal songs Cuomo has written in the last decade, all of which shine brighter and bolder with splashes of string and horn arrangements courtesy of album producer Jake Sinclair and arranger Rob Mathes. It is possibly the only record ever created that waxes poetic on themes of loneliness, disconnection, and reaching middle age alongside references to Mrs. Dalloway, Blackpink, the La Brea Tar Pits, Audible, and vegetarian Indian takeout, among others.

And for anyone wondering what happened to the Van Halen-inspired rock album, Van Weezer, that was meant to come out last year: Van Weezer will be released on May 7th, 2021. Watch this space for more…


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