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The Wraith’s debut album, Gloom Ballet, has received almost universally rave reviews worldwide and, despite only being released on Nov. 29, also appeared on over a dozen “Best of” lists (including those of Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko and revered punk author Ian Glasper).

Produced by Puscifer guitarist/producer Mat Mitchell, Gloom Ballet is the first deathrock release on Southern Lord Recordings.

Infused with ‘80s UK post-punk (Death Cult, Killing Joke, Chameleons) and SoCal deathrock (T.S.O.L., Samhain), The Wraith was founded by imposing frontman Davey Bales, formerly of apocalyptic Virginia punks Lost Tribe, and Alvis shortly after they separately washed up in L.A. in 2016. Their irresistibly distinctive sound – skeletal basslines and tribal beats propelling Alvis’ textured swathes beneath Bales’ poetic, anguished bark – gained an instant following, with homemade demo “Comatic Romance” racking-up thousands of YouTube views.

Convulsive West Coast shows honed the songs that became The Wraith’s lauded 2017 EP, “Shadow Flag”. A couple of videos and line-ups later – the band is now completed by Brit bassist Paul Rogers and Russian drummer Anatolii Lövochkin–, their cultured songwriting and lived-in authenticity earned the ear of Mitchell (who’s also worked with Love and Rockets, The Flaming Lips, Meat Puppets, and more).

“The Wraith is a flashback to many of the bands that inspired me to start making music,” said Mitchell. “Given the opportunity to work on an album with them, how could I turn it down?”

The Wraith has shared stages with the likes of Zakk Wylde, Spear of Destiny, T.S.O.L., The Dickies, ChameleonsVox, and The Murder Junkies.

Kaz Alvis - guitar/vocals 

Davey Bales – vocals

Anatolii Lövochkin - drums 

Paul Rogers - bass/vocals