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Stanley Clarke is back with his third episode of Bass Nation. This edition focuses on the electric bass and features Jack Casady, Nik West, luthier Tom Lieber, Alembic Basses, and Clarke's insight into composition. 

“We are giving life lessons for musicians through the eyes of bass players. I’ve played with many musicians and these lessons are a common denominators running through all master musicians,” states Clarke. “I believe that the platform will be equally interesting to fans and non-musicians. Musician life lessons can also be applied to the lives of all.”

Each full episode has six segments. “One On Ones” are Clarke’s thoughts regarding a specific subject. “Friends From The Globe” is a topic-based online-interview with an esteemed international musician. Another interview segment is titled “In The Know”. Then Clarke talks about some of his favorite bass products for studio and performance in the section titled “My Favorite Things. “Undercover Jams” is a performance segment with Stanley jamming with a musician. Finally, in the “Folksongs” segment you’ll get a close-up playthrough of pieces he has composed over the years for the bass. Songs from the “Folksong” series were specifically composed for the bass, so that any bassist can play them, beginner to master. Initially they were not intended for recording until the legendary drummer Tony Williams suggested Clarke add them to his albums.

“I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the content of the interviews. They come from a place of a musician interviewing musicians,” Clarke adds. “I know I learned new things while talking with my peers in this context.”

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