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Name The Band was formed in late 2012, with the release of their debut album Just Add Sugar. The album was recorded at the Nimbus Studio in São Paulo, Brazil, and mastered at Sage Audio, in Nashville, TN. Name The Band is Zeh Monstro (vocals, guitar), Vini Marmore (bass), Gabriel da Rosa (guitar) and Beto Kauer (drums), and their debut performance was at Lollapalooza Brazil 2013. Playing at Lollapalooza brought the band great momentum, which they used to play several festivals in Brazil, and, two years later, to book a tour in the USA, eventually relocating to Los Angeles, CA in 2014. In 2016, the band recorded their second full length album Summer Lush, which allowed the group to head an even more prolific tour, playing over a hundred shows in just two years. Their most recent work is an EP titled Spark, produced by veteran Al Sgro, featuring the band’s signature mix of 70’s punk rock with catchy upbeat riffs.

Name the Band is growing their audience with their energetic performances across the USA. They are now focusing on writing, producing and recording a new full length album, as well as releasing new Name The Band sponsored content, such as the brand new Damn High Yet, which features Vini Marmore and Beto Kauer playing a signature fast, energetic punk rock. 

Bassist Vini Marmore started his career in 2007 with the band ID3, in São Paulo, Brazil. As the bassist of ID3, Vini recorded two full length albums, composing several songs as well as recording bass lines. In 2010, Vini formed his own band - Vailess - and the group performed several live shows in São Paulo, becoming a prominent band in the underground hardcore scene. While working at Nimbus Studios in 2012, Vini joined Zeh Monstro in Name The Band, becoming the band’s first and only bassist to this day, and one of its founding members. Vini and Name The Band have continuously collaborated with other Los Angeles bands such as Don Bolles (The Germs), Josie Cotton, Kate Clover, Veronica Bianchi, Danny Dodge, Bananarama, Josh Landau, Sego, and Nona. Along with Beto Kauter and their new project Damn High Yet, Vini has recorded the songs’ bass lines, as well as guitars and vocals, which allowed him to showcase his years of experience as a musician. Vini’s influences are legendary punk rock bassists such as Paul Simonon, Simon Gallup, Fat Mike, Krist Novoselic and DeeDee Ramone. His style is fast and raw, marked by over-the-top high energy live performances. 

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