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02022020 is a palindrome date and also the name of the 5th solo album by Danish bassist extraordinaire Ida Nielsen (who in 2019 was voted amongst the top 10 bass players in the world in the annual Music Radar poll). On this album Ida invites us into a more intimate universe than her previous 4 -with lots of softness and soul. You will discover a diverse and more mellow side of Idas compositional musicianship, however Ida’s highly recognizable sound still cuts through this stripped down musical setting and makes your head bob (softly). And for the bass lovers there are of course plenty of gems: smooth bass carried chord grooves, and lots of soulful bass solos.

02022020 is a mix of new material plus reinventions of some older songs and features new upcoming Austrian artist “Aljosha” as well as members of her band: “the Funkbots.” The vibes is over all smooth, laid back and is perfect for chilling if you are in a reflectional mood -or any other kind of mood. 

02022020 track list:

1. LIBRARIAN WAY -a spin off.

2. BOOYAH -the spin off.

3. GOT UR MESSAGE -Feat. Aljosha.

4. FEELS SO -Feat. Phong Le.


6. ACCIDENTAL BALLS -Feat. Pat Dorcean.

7. MAKE ME WANNA STAY -another spin.

8. VIBES -Feat Mika Vandborg & Kuku Aga

Nielsen is also hitting the road in support of the new album and will be performing on the dates below:

spring flyer

For more visit: Ida Nielsen