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On Saturday, September 17 Freekbass will be doing a 24 hour livestream on Twitch at (The Freekbass SubBassAThon). That's right! 24 hours straight, and all live content. The livestream will include his regular Twitch programming of live music and beat creations focused on bass-centric grooves, with lyric participation from the live chat. This very extended stream will also include exclusive bass lessons from Freek, merch giveaways from Ernie Bass/MusicMan & Gallien-Krueger, interviews, and in-studio guests throughout the all-day/all-night livestream.

As well as being shown on the Freekbass Twitch channel, you can watch the stream right here! Make sure you hit the ‘follow’ button at Freek’s Twitch page to know when he is live, and get ready for a day of lotsa funk bass, and not so much sleep for the funk bassist!

Watch the stream: HERE