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Today it was announced that Freddy Villano (Quiet Riot, Dee Snider's Widowmaker) has joined classic heavy metal band The Rods. Villano joins guitarist/vocalist David Feinstein, drummer Carl Canedy, and singer Michael San Ciro to round out their new lineup. 

"Wow! When something comes full circle it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings," says Villano. "I saw The Rods open for Iron Maiden on the Number of the Beast tour at the North Stage Theater in Glen Cove on Long Island. It was my first concert! I didn't know who The Rods were before that, but their performance was electrifying. The invitation to hold down the bass chair in The Rods is an honor, as I know I'm following in the footsteps of some incredible musicians. I look forward to simultaneously honoring the past and forging the future."

The band is current hard at work writing their upcoming album, Shockwave, which is due out in 2021. The Rods tentatively have concert dates booked beginning in July of 2020, but will reschedule those shows accordingly as updates are available. 

The Rods provided the following comment:

A busy 2020 lies ahead for The Rods. The band has been writing songs for their new album “Shockwave” If that weren’t enough news David and Carl have added two new members to the band. First, on vocals is the amazing Michael San Ciro (Totally Lost Cause / Canedy) as their new lead singer. Blowing up the rhythm section with his “low end from hell”, is Freddy Vilano (Quiet Riot / Dee Snyder’s Widowmaker) on Bass Guitar.

The Rods drummer Carl Canedy has checked in with the following comment:

“This new version of The Rods happened quite by chance. David and I have both worked with Freddy Vilano, both live and in the studio. Freddy and I became a killer rhythm section within two songs of our first gig together. It was surprising how well our styles meshed. We’ve all been friends for several years now so when it came to choosing a new bass player, there was no other choice…Freddy was the man!

Michael and I have performed live several times and we recorded the new CANEDY album together. I knew that Michael and I worked well together. Since David and I had been discussing adding a lead singer, I brought Michael to a rehearsal to sing a few songs. It was basically to see if we were even interested in adding a singer, and of course, we were a fit for him. David and Michael sat together in one of David’s studio rooms for over an hour while I prepared my kit for rehearsal. I knew when they both walked out of the room smiling that we had a new lead singer.”

We have dates booked beginning July 3rd and once the world is no longer under siege, we’ll be announcing additional dates. It really feels great to be working on a brand new album with the added energy of Michael and Freddy. “Shockwave” is the perfect working title for our new album.

Guitarist / vocalist David "Rock" Feinstein has checked in with the following additional comment:

David: “Michael and I spent some time talking together about our approaches to music, where wanted to go with our songwriting and live performances and our philosophies on life. It became apparent that there would be a strong synergy with this new line-up. I will be still be contributing to vocals, however, now I can focus totally on playing my guitar, (or LOUDER THAN LOUD) Something I love to do… as loudly as I can! I’m excited about this new chapter of The Rods. Carl and I are already writing songs for our new album “Shockwave”, and with the addition of Michael we can expand our melodies arrangements to fit his amazing range and style!”

New THE RODS vocalist Michael San Ciro has checked in with the following comment:

Nothing happens by accident, and fortune favors the prepared. For my whole career, I have tried to position myself to be ready should I get "the call." But I never thought I was going to get "this call"; the call from some of the veterans who helped shaped the genre I love. I am here to answer that call.

For the latest band news, visit the official The Rods website and Facebook page: 

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