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ESS SEE (Sarah Cobb)

ESS SEE (Sarah Cobb)

ESS SEE finds new hope in love in her latest single, “Overdrive” out July 23, 2020. In the song, which is also her first fully self produced single, ESS SEE sings about recovering from past heartaches and the emergence of optimism in finding new love. ESS SEE wrote and recorded "Overdrive" during quarantine 2020 in her Brooklyn apartment. The ever resilient songwriter says, "It is a love song, but it's for anyone who knows deep heartache. It's for those who have given up on love or become hardened (as I was) and might be in need of hope. It's for those who are cautiously starting again, embracing the uncertainty of a new romance." 

Along with the release, comes a music video created by ESS SEE, who edited footage from a 1967 United States Postal Service Public Service Announcement encouraging people to use the "new" ZIP code system in the US. In the video we see the story of a couple doomed by a letter that arrives too late due to the lack of the use of the ZIP code. The male protagonist nurses his broken heart, and tries again with a new love—this time using a ZIP code and securing the girl. ESS SEE says, "The footage was a perfect fit for the story of the song, but also kind of perfect for this time of quarantine. A handwritten letter which might have seemed like an old fashioned relic before, now feels like such a beautiful way to connect—it feels more romantic than ever to me right now."

The track features the bass playing of Mitch Friedman, a prominent New York bass player who performs and records in a slew of genres. A long time endorser of La Bella strings, Mitch is also the director of artist relations for La Bella’s Olinto basses.

ESS SEE is Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sarah Cobb. Cobb began producing her electro-pop demos in 2009 alone in her bedroom at night—honing in on uniquely addictive and seductive melodies often featuring themes of identity, intimacy, and femininity. Embracing lyrical influences St. Vincent, Emily Haines, Carole King, Jenny Lewis, Janelle Monae and Lana Del Rey—ESS SEE delivers a heightened sense of vulnerability and intimacy in her songwriting. Her rich, often theatrical, live performances engage audiences with eye-popping costumes, humor, and an electric presence. Her debut EP, "Ordinary Woman" was released in 2017. "Overdrive" is her first follow up to the release of her 2019 debut album, "Waiting For The Sky To Fall."

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