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Dub Trio will release The Shape of Dub To Come on April 26 via New Damage Records. An homage to titles such as The Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come and Ornette Coleman’s The Shape of Jazz to Come, The Shape of Dub To Come’s groove hinges on slower stoner-inspired sludge riffing. The space allowed the dub to flourish and today the band premieres "Fought The Line [feat. Troy Sanders" with Consequence of Sound.

Fought The Line [feat. Troy Sanders]" pairs a near-whisper with a delicate clean guitar as Sanders carries a sweeping crescendo vocal. Pinch harmonics squeal amidst a simmering backbeat as the track culminates on a haunting and hypnotic chant.

“I’m always very humbled when someone wants me to be a part of their art,” says Sanders. “‘Fought The Line’ references struggle. It comes from a poem that I wrote inspired by a conversation I had with cancer itself. I stared at a face of beautiful soft skin and assured this face, ‘I will take care of you.’ We’re fighting one battle together. I’m right there, if things fall into my hands. The verses were therapy venting my anger. When people are fighting for their lives, it’s very easy to go off the line. If death is reeling you in, then you have to fight and do anything in your power to overcome it. I just wanted to be there to support.”

Over nearly two decades together, the Brooklyn triumvirate — Stu Brooks [bass], DP Holmes [guitar], and Joe Tomino [drums]—not only delivered a string of albums that forever redefined the term “dub” under cover of metal, punk, alternative, and shoegaze, but also infused its musical prowess into the studio recordings and the shows of genre-bending icons ranging from Mike Patton to Lady Gaga.

“We were a dub/reggae band, and we started implementing what we thought was cool from The Refused and bands like that,” explains Brooks. “The Shape of Dub To Come describes our whole method; applying dub as a process to virtually any style of music. The future of dub doesn’t have to be just reggae. It’s a process rather than a genre.”

Pre-order The Shape of Dub To Come and listen to “Fought The Line [feat. Troy Sanders]" via your favorite DSP HERE.

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