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Il mio analista e un basso ele ttrico di Francesca Delogu

Francesca Delogu plays electric bass in a band and during her experience at the direction of Cosmopolitan, the music and the rehearsal room have often shown her the way for the harmonious and melodic management of the team. For her, every work group is like an orchestra, music is a metaphor for the management of articulated realities, it teaches the essential traits for effective and contemporary leadership.

An essay dedicated to the "imperfect," a constant invitation to challenge the status quo, to break the mold and explore the unknown, without being afraid of vulnerability, because it is in itself has something magical that allows us to create connections with ourselves and with others.

"My Analyst is an Electric Bass" - with a preface by Virginia Stagni, the youngest manager in over 130 years of history of the Financial Times who sings blues in her spare time - is a multidirectional essay, which through the magnifying glass of the three instruments that marked the life of Francesca Delogu, piano, bass and trumpet, It shows the infinite analogues and between the chaos of life, newspapers, fashion and music.

Multi-instrumentalist and journalist, for eight years director of Cosmopolitan, for every single experience, Francesca has had a specific value in her professional growth, and music has helped her to reformulate the grammar of her life, to accept challenges, not to be afraid of her limits and her insecurities.

Musical instruments are unusual reading grids to understand reality and to cure our digital solitude, they make us understand that every emotion has a sound, every fear can contain an extraordinary melody, every difficulty has the privilege of unleashing an original creative impulse.

In this "melodic map" the piano is yearning for perfection, symbol of the imposter's syndromerome and vulnerability in learning, the bass is team work, shared leadership, the trumpet is the instrument of vision that teaches to love one's losing side and to appreciate waiting.

The close link with music also rebounds in the testimonies of musicians and experts in human resources and collaborative processes, because playing in a rock band and being a manager are activities with many points of contact. 


Journalist and musician, Francesca Delogu started as an economic reporter at MF/Milano Finanza, following companies listed in the fashion and luxury sector. After working for many newspapers, including D La Repubblica delle Donne, Flair and Grazia, she directed the magazine Cosmopolitan for eight years, managing the editorial staff as a rock band. Multi-instrumentalist and passionate about everything that revolves around music, plays piano, bass and trumpet. He still doesn't know what he's going to want to be when he grows up.

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