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Many luthiers are increasingly in difficulty due to confinement, this initiative will support them and also offer high quality and handcrafted bass to bassists at reduced prices.

In normal times, we think that the work of the luthiers deserves to be more recognized and in these difficult times, we think that they deserve to be supported at the risk of never again having high quality instruments made by hand.

Indeed, a French survey by the CSFI (Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale), reveals that out of 404 respondents, more than half have completely suspended their activity (55.2%) and 37.7% have recorded a drop of 75 to 100% of their turnover.

To support luthiers internationally, is launching an initiative at the crossroads of subscription and Crowd Funding. The goal is to create a virtuous circle between bassists and luthiers.

It works this way:

Bassists subscribe, with an affordable cost between 1 and 5 € per month, to benefit from exclusive discounts, access to exclusive products and be able to be drawn to receive gifts monthly.

This allows to order bass from several luthiers each month.

This allows our partner luthiers to have a regular income and therefore to have the money to create more basses and test new creative ideas.

80% of the funds will go to the luthiers, so that they can continue their activity and create more and more basses which will be offered to certain lucky subscribers or available on promotion on the site.

The remaining 20% will go to to pay promotions, taxes and operating costs.

The gifts will be announced at the beginning of the month and drawn at the end.

The higher the number of subscribers, the more bass makers can create basses, the larger the gifts and the more draws there will be.

If you want to know more, visit our site:

About BassGears: promotes handcrafted luthier basses so that their work is recognized for their true value and there is more diversity between the basses.

The founder Florian Basso has been passionate about bass for these 14 years and wishes to share his passion with all lovers of bass.