Sterling by Music Man Reveals Pete Wentz Artist Series StingRay

Fall Out Boy Bassist Teams Up with Ernie Ball for New Bass, Spotlighting Punk Roots and Affordability

Sterling by Music Man Reveals Pete Wentz Artist Series StingRay

Fall Out Boy Bassist Teams Up with Ernie Ball for New Bass, Spotlighting Punk Roots and Affordability

Sterling by Music Man announces the Pete Wentz Artist Series StingRay Bass with GRAMMY award-nominated musician Pete Wentz. As the bassist, lyricist, and co-founding member of Fall Out Boy, Wentz has been a driving force behind pop-punk, emo, rock music and beyond. Now, as the newest member of the Ernie Ball Music Man Artist Family, he is forging a new path for the iconic StingRay bass with Sterling by Music Man’s debut full-scale passive bass. Developed in close collaboration with the artist, this signature StingRay is tailored to Wentz’s exact specifications, offering fans the opportunity to wield the same instrument he’s playing on the Fall Out Boy ‘23/24 worldwide So Much For (Tour) Dust headline tour.

Over two decades ago, the Chicago-born Wentz emerged from the city’s punk scene, performing with various bands before co-founding Fall Out Boy. His dynamic basslines and songwriting played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s distinctive sound, earning critical acclaim, a dedicated fan base, and an enduring place in music. Partnering with Sterling by Music Man and the Ernie Ball Family to create his own Artist Series StingRay, Wentz designed a signature bass that honors his punk-rock roots while embracing the modern playability that’s demanded from his live performances and stadium tours. 

“The [StingRay Bass has the] best tone that we’ve had from a live show to date,” said Wentz, praising the bass’ durability and versatility throughout Fall Out Boy’s acclaimed So Much For (Tour) Dust tour this summer. “For me, a bass has to stand up and be able to play a lot of different songs. On this tour, we’re doing more than 20 songs. These basses come backstage, they go out – I play at front of house or I go out and play near the lawn, and they’ve held up for all that. I treat them well, but I also am who I am on stage and they’ve held up under those circumstances.” 

As Sterling by Music Man’s first full-scale passive bass, this StingRay is powered by an Alnico V humbucker for vintage-style warmth and punch, featuring dual controls for seamless performance. It also includes black hardware, an anodized gold pickguard and a custom Loon inlay on the 12th fret, described by Wentz as “beautiful but really spooky” and inspired by summers spent in Vermont throughout his youth.

“A lot of my design references were watches or skateboards, and things that I am just attracted to design-wise,” Wentz noted. “I’m a very visual person… I feel like starting with simplicity and the best ingredients is the way to go.”

A roasted maple neck, 3+1 headstock, and classic StingRay contoured body ensure comfortability and rock-solid tuning stability that’s ready to attack whatever you throw at it. This signature bass is available in Black or Fiesta Red finishes and retails at an accessible-priced $649.99 MAP (U.S. pricing).

 “At the end of the day, I think that punk rock and punk rock music should be accessible,” continued Wentz. “I think it’s very cool to be somebody’s potential first bass.”

The Pete Wentz Artist Series StingRay will be available for pre-order worldwide starting Monday, October 23, at select authorized dealers and online retailers, so fans and musicians alike can reserve their piece of Fall Out Boy history. As part of the launch, Sterling by Music Man has teamed up with Reverb, the premier online musical gear marketplace, to offer fifty exclusive limited-edition Pete Wentz autographed basses. Additionally, fans have the opportunity to gain early access to the Fiesta Red finish bass through the Alternative Press webstore.  For more information about the Pete Wentz Artist Series StingRay Bass, please visit

About Sterling by Music Man 

Sterling by Music Man, based in Los Angeles, CA, is an Ernie Ball Family Brand operated by Praxis Musical Instruments. The Sterling by Music Man product offering is a result of strategic design and engineering to make the iconic Ernie Ball Music Man instruments, such as the StingRay basses and Cutlass guitars, more affordable and accessible to all players. The lineup also showcases a wide range of innovative artist signature models, including the St. Vincent, Majesty (John Petrucci) and Valentine (James Valentine of Maroon 5). For additional information about Sterling by Music Man, please visit

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