Jon D’Auria

Jon D’Auria has been a writer, editor, and photographer in bass journalism since 2006. After picking up the bass in 2000, he quickly became obsessed and submersed himself in the playing of his heroes and the history of the instrument. Upon landing his first writing gig, thanks to a leap of faith by Ed Friedland and Elton Bradman, he became a contributing writer and the Online Editor for Guitar World’s Bass Guitar magazine, and went on to write, edit, and photograph for Bass Guitar MagazinePremier GuitariBassGuitar WorldPasteBlenderCarvedThe Grixer, and many others. He has now written for over 15 publications and has conducted over 250 musician interviews and counting. For the past seven years he’s been a contributing writer and the Web and Gear Editor for Bass Player. Upon the buyout of BP, he became one of the founders of Bass Magazine. When he’s not gabbing about bassists and gear, he keeps busy by gigging and traveling all over the map.