Spun Loud Effects Releases New FVZZ Fuzz Pedal

New FVZZ pedal from Spun Loud and Structures Brewing offers ‘effervescent, deliciously gainey’ fuzz tones

Spun Loud Effects Releases New FVZZ Fuzz Pedal

New FVZZ pedal from Spun Loud and Structures Brewing offers ‘effervescent, deliciously gainey’ fuzz tones

What do you get when two award-winning makers team up? You get a great product that’s beautiful and highly functional.

The new Structures FVZZ pedal, from Spun Loud Effects and Structures Brewing, is just that: an epic collaboration that is the perfect fuzz pedal pairing for Structures’ flagship IPA.

The Structures FVZZ, available direct from Spun Loud Effects and at Champlin Guitars in Bellingham, is an articulate but full-bodied fuzz drive that combines tons of gain with ample control to create a super dynamic drive pedal.

“When I saw the FVZZ IPA come out, I thought, there should be a pedal to go with that!” said Dan DeMay, owner and founder of Spun Loud Effects. “I’m so thrilled to see this finally come to life. It’s been a blast working with the Structures crew to make this a reality and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.” 

The design is a simple yet refined two-stage fuzz circuit with germanium and LED clipping, our favorite tone control and gobs of volume on tap. Independent controls for the gain stages allow players to get a huge range of both gain and sounds. The first stage, using germanium clipping, gets fuzzy as soon as you start to turn the gain up, while the second stage, built around LED clipping, can offer more creamy, overdrive-like tones while bumping the overall output signal up as gain increases.

Cranking both stages produces a searing but articulate fuzz with octave hints when chords are played. The circuit also has plenty of volume on tap to push amps into even higher gain territory.

“We were listening to the first two Fuzz albums constantly in the brewery when we realized that Fuzz was a proper name for our flagship IPA!,” said Jonny Wilkerson, Structures Brewing’s sales and distribution manager. “Finally now after several years of discourse with Dan about the pedal, to see that come full circle and collaborating on this special FVZZ pedal with Dan from Spun Loud Effects has been an exciting project to be a part of this past year.”

The gorgeous purple pedal takes its art from the FVZZ IPA can, while the scratch font labels were hand-drawn by Wilkerson. As with all Spun Loud Pedals, the FVZZ is designed, assembled and tested by hand in Bellingham, Washington.

The FVZZ also includes:

  • High-quality WIMA, TDK and Wurth capacitors
  • Lumberg or Neutrik audio and DC jacks
  • Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
  • Internal power filtering for super-low-noise operation
  • Extra-tough UV printed art for long lasting finish
  • All-analog original circuit design, assembled by hand
  • Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply only

The Structures FVZZ is available now at www.spunloud.com.

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