Mike Watt and The Cutthroat Brothers Release New Album

The album will be available on December 10th

Mike Watt and The Cutthroat Brothers Release New Album

The album will be available on December 10th

Hound Gawd! Records recently announced the new album by The Cutthroat Brothers andMike Watt, Titled ‘Devil in Berlin’, and now they are giving you listen a day earlier (see V13 premiere)!

The album will be available as vinyl LP, CD and digital download on December 10th. The venomous blues-punk, swamp-garage sounds of The Cutthroat Brothers conjure bands like The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Stooges, and even a taste of Sonic Youth and Hawkwind.

The gruesome twosome, along with punk legend Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, The Stooges) are back in road sharpened form. Jason Cutthroat’s grinding, straight razor slide guitar and Donny Paycheck’s (ex Zeke) pummeling, heavy-as-hell drums beat down on you in a blues punk soaked fever. Mike Watt provides the blood-like glue that brings the monster’s heart to life.

As ‘Devil in Berlin’ by The Cutthroat Brothers starts to play, You can taste the packed booze and smoke filled caverns of every garage punk club in Europe. The walls like a lung, expanding as the audience falls into a feverish trance as if possessed. You can hear the crowd’s screams and the sinister laughter of The Devil himself.

Songs like ‘Devil in Berlin’, ‘Been Away’, and ‘Love, Drugs, Etc.’ provide hooks that stick in your brain like a grimy dance floor to the bottom of your motorcycle boots.

Screaming down the Autobahn like a rat rod hearse on fire, this is music born from punk touring. The ‘Sweeney Todd’s of Punk’ served a successful slashing of Europe that ended right before Covid came and stopped everything rock and roll, and otherwise.

‘Devil in Berlin’ oozes a seedy, primal slime that grips onto and feeds greedily off of audience energy and can only survive in the dark corners of the soul. Each track a sordid, sinful sketch that can be directly attached to a night on tour.

From cops in Rotterdam one day, rowdy audiences storming the stage in Liege, to audience members pulling at The Cutthroat’s blood and sweat soaked smocks in Köln, this album bares every kick and scratch then pours a bottle of whiskey over them so you never forget.

Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney) produces and mixes in his 5th collaboration with The Cutthroat Brothers (in only 3 years since the band was formed), shaping ‘Devil in Berlin’ to a razor sharp edge fit to shave Satan himself.

If The Cutthroat Brothers made a deal with the Devil, this is the soundtrack to the signing party.

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