MANÁ Performs Residency at the Los Angeles Forum: Show Recap

The iconic Mexican outfit have begun their highly anticipated residency and Bass Magazine was there to cover it

MANÁ Performs Residency at the Los Angeles Forum: Show Recap

The iconic Mexican outfit have begun their highly anticipated residency and Bass Magazine was there to cover it

By Alex Kluft: Latin Rock Legends MANÁ kicked off the first night of their historic residency at the Forum in Los Angeles, CA this weekend. This was also their first show of 2022. The residency was originally scheduled for four shows then became eight shows with two each month (March, April, June, July) and the day before opening night another two shows were announced in September making this a 10 night residency.   

Bassist Juan Calleros

When the shows were announced, the band stated, “We have so many surprises in store for our fans at this residency. No two shows will be the same. Get ready to see MANÁ like never before–special guests, unique set lists, and a kick-ass new production we put together special for these shows at the Forum. LA is a second home for us. We started here 30 years ago at the Hollywood Palace and we’ve been rocking with LA fans ever since. We are amped to get back on stage in the city of angels and want our fans to feel the same. Don’t wait because tickets will go fast! ” Tickets did go fast with most shows selling out.

MANÁ formed in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1986. Founding members Vocalist/guitarist Fher Olvera and bassist Juan Calleros have been making music together for nearly 45 years. Drummer Alex Gonzalez joined when the group was still known as Sombrero Verde, and guitarist Sergio Vallin joined in 1994. There are also three touring members: Juan Carlos Toribio (Keys), Fernando “Psycho” Vallin (Guitar) and percussionist Hector Quintana. To describe the band’s sound it is a mix of Rock, Latin Pop, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Ska, Reggae, and Calypso. MANÁ has broken all kinds of records for a Latin group having 133 Certified Gold Albums, 256 Certified Platinum albums, Four Grammy Awards, 9 Latin Grammy Awards, 25 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 15 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, and special awards including the 2018 Latin Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award & 2018 Latin Grammy Person of the Year Award and just last year the 2021 ICONO LATIN BILLBOARD Award.

Calleros and singer Fher Olvera

MANÁ are definitely no strangers to the Forum as they hold the record for most sold-out shows there with 19 following the Forum’s reopen after a major remodel. Prior to that MANÁ had played the Staples Center (Now Arena) a number of times and even before that they would play three to four nights at the Gibson/Universal Amphitheater as far back as 1995. Over the last 20 years they have played Madison Square Garden nearly 10 times and arenas across the country. As soon as MANÁ takes the stage it’s easy to see why they’re not just popular but the biggest Latin group of all time. Although the entire show is in Spanish, you don’t have to know a single word to appreciate their music. The stage was fairly simple with a few amps, drum riser in the middle, and a short catwalk with a big video screen behind. MANÁ also had a B stage at the soundboard used about half-way through the show. Calleros used Fender basses and Ampeg amps. In exactly one month it’ll be Calleros’ 60th birthday.

With guitarist Fernando “Psycho” Vallin

MANÁ opened with “Labios Compartidos” and played a nearly 2.5 hour show ending with “Rayando el Sol.” MANÁ also threw in a cover of Santana’s “Corazón Espinado” for the fourth song. Calleros had a featured solo after “Un nuevo amanecer.”


  1. Labios Compartidos
  2. Oye mi Amor
  3. Como Te Deseo
  4. De Pies a Cabeza
  5. Corazón Espinado– Santana

Calleros and Vallin Seated

  1. Vivir sin Aire
  2. Cachito
  3. Mi Verdad
  4. El Verdadero Amor Perdona
  5. El Reloj Cucú
  6. Fallin (Mabel)
  1. Mariposa Traicionera
  2. El Rey– Jose Alfredo Jiminez
  3. Como un Perro
  4. Enloquecido / Me Vale
  5. ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Niños?/ Un Nuevo Amanecer
  6. Instrumental
  7. Guitar & Bass Solos
  8. Drum Solo

B Stage

  1. Se Me Olvido Otra Vez
  2. Te Solte Le Rienda
  3. Te Lloré Un Río
  4. Eres mi Religión

Main Stage

  1. En El Muelle de San Blas
  2. Clavado en un Bar


26. Rayando el Sol

MANÁ Forum Dates

March 19

April 22 and 23

June 24 and 25

July 15 and 16

September 17 and 18

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