KCL (Krantz, Carlock & Lefebvre) Announces North American Tour

KCL is equipped with four new songs for their upcoming dates across the US

KCL (Krantz, Carlock & Lefebvre) Announces North American Tour

KCL is equipped with four new songs for their upcoming dates across the US


Differences Between KCL and Harry Styles (DISCLAIMER: we’ve never heard Harry Styles. Well, we probably have, but didn’t know it. We might have seen a video at some point. Think he had his shirt off, so, y’know…popular. Singer, apparently. Showman. Decent, for all we know – but just for the sake of argument):

1. KCL music works without any singing, Harry’s doesn’t.

2. KCL music works with just guitar, bass and drums, Harry’s doesn’t.

3. KCL music works without us being cute, Harry’s doesn’t.

4. KCL music works without a show, Harry’s doesn’t.

5. KCL music works in small clubs, Harry’s doesn’t. 

6. KCL music works with group improvisation, Harry’s doesn’t.

7. KCL music works without cliché, Harry’s doesn’t.

8. KCL music works underground, Harry’s doesn’t.

9. Harry Styles is vastly more popular than KCL is or ever will be.

DESPITE THESE TRUTHS: KCL (guitarist Wayne Krantz, drummer Keith Carlock, bassist Tim Lefebvre) is one of the few NYC sideman bands of the early noughties that evolved into more or less a real band, through its relentless shows at the ol’ 55 Bar every Thursday night for 6+ years, along with the odd (very odd) tour in the States and Europe, a few prized recordings and endless bootlegs. Driven to elevate groove-based improvisation to heights previously unknown, the group stamped its image onto the musical consciousness of anyone who might be willing to listen to such a thing in the first place, bless them.

Now reuniting from disparate points of the globe for a brief tour of some states we missed last US tour in February (remember February?), KCL is equipped with four (4) new songs and whatever else we’ve learned in the last 6 months, which could range from insignificant to earth-shattering. These are one-off shows that are not to be missed by anybody left who digs going to shows and basking in creativity, energy, alternative thought, good playing, innovation, groove and oodles of sex, metaphorically speaking. Plus, it’s cheap. See venues for info/tix.   

KCL Tour Dates:

6-Sep The Bitter End, New York City

7-Sep Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT

8-Sep Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues, Portsmouth, NH

9-Sep Stage One, Fairfield, CT

10-Sep Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA

11-Sep The House that Rocks, Charlotte, NC

13-Sep Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA

14-Sep Jack London Revue, Portland, OR

15-Sep Kuumbwa Jazz, Santa Cruz, CA

16-Sep The Baked Potato, Los Angeles, CA

17-Sep The Baked Potato, Los Angeles, CA

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