Review:  Markbass MB58R 103 Pure – 6 Cabinet

At last, there’s a middle ground between 2x10 and 4x10 cabinets

Review:  Markbass MB58R 103 Pure – 6 Cabinet

At last, there’s a middle ground between 2x10 and 4x10 cabinets

Obviously, one should never judge a bass cabinet by its appearance, but when it comes to the new Markbass MB58R 103 Pure – 6 that first glance is mighty impressive. The front view features the company’s traditional yellow and black logo and a return to their three speaker configuration, last seen in the early-2000s. Here it’s three ten-inch custom Neodymium speakers and a hi-fi tweeter behind a sturdy metal grill, once again providing a middle ground between 2×10 and 4×10 cabinets. Behind the front face is equally striking: a deep, molded, durable cabinet made of eco-friendly materials, with recessed side handles and felt-covered top section to better secure your amp head. 

A peek behind the 600-watt-rated unit reveals a well-configured panel, which includes two quarter-inch speaker inputs and three switches for the tweeter level: on-off, -6db, -9db, or (with both switches off) -15db. At the top and bottom are four rectangular rear reflex ports. Overall size-wise we’re talking approximately 24 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. And if seeing is believing wait until you pick up the MB58R 103 Pure – 6; it weighs in at a surprisingly light 33.7 lbs. 

Of course, the most important consideration in a cabinet is sound, so we took the MB58R 103 Pure – 6—along with a 600-watt head and an active 5-string bass—on a gig with a 12-piece party band, in an outdoor-though-enclosed event-sized tent. First impressions? This cabinet is hella loud! Between the speaker configuration and the considerable depth, you’ll be turning your amp down from your usual setting. More observations: For fingerstyle R&B, rock, and country the tone is tight and punchy, with plenty of warmth and low-end swagger, as well as focused clarity in the mids and highs. Any concerns about a 3×10 being able to handle an active B string were quickly assuaged. We kept the tweeter on and that led to the second revelation, when slapping was required. A popped note on the G string detonated in the air with a precise presence, as if spotlighted in the middle of the dance floor. From ballads to swing to synth-laden contemporary dance music, the Pure – 6 is more than up for the task.    

The other new 3×10 cabinet in the Markbass line is the MB58R 103 Energy, which boasts a one-inch driver-with-horn instead of a tweeter, and comes in at one pound heavier. If you’re seeking a little more sound and bottom than your 2×10 cabinet offers, or are eager to give your aching back a break from lifting your vintage 4×10, the Markbass MB58R 103 Pure – 6 may be just what you’re looking for. –BM


SPEAKER SIZE 3×10” Markbass Neodymium Custom

TWEETER Markbass hi-fi tweeter







DIMENSIONS 22.76”/ 57.8cm (w); 23.62”/ 60 cm (h); 18.50”/ 47 cm (d)

WEIGHT 33.7 lbs    

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