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Hartke, an industry leader in bass amplification, introduces the new lightweight HL Series Bass Cabinets to their innovative line of HyDrive professional bass cabinets. Available Q2, 2021 for $999.99 (HL410), $699.99 (HL210), $799.99 (HL115) and $599.99 (HL112) at major MI retailers.

Lightweight Design

HL Series combine high-performance speakers with rugged construction using lightweight 16mm kiln-dried plywood which dramatically reduces the overall weight of the cabinets. A black textured paint finish, powder coated steel grille and chrome plated corners round out the robust build.

The HyDrive HL Series is available in four speaker configurations:

  • HL112: 1 x 12" HyDrive speaker + 1" HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 24.8 lb / 300 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL210: 2 x 10" HyDrive speakers + 1" HF/ Lightweight Cabinet / 29.5 lb / 500 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL115: 1 x 15" HyDrive speaker + 1" HF / Lightweight Cabinet / 39.8 lb / 500 watts / 8 ohms
  • HL410: 4 x 10" HyDrive speakers + 1" HF/ Lightweight Cabinet / 47.6 lb / 1000 watts / 8 ohms

Classic Hartke Sound, Smoother frequency response

HL Series speakers feature Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker with neodymium magnets which further reduce the weight. The outside curved, Kevlar®-loaded paper cone delivers a smooth, even response with a deep tone, while the inner straight, anodized aluminum cone produces highly accurate, distortion-free output. The speakers include a 1” horn loaded tweeter, with a 3-position level switch, that adds the high frequencies. The result is a clean, full tone with the clear fundamental of each note and natural overtones.

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