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Fender Music KK, part of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors, announced today the launch of the Made in Japan Heritage Series, developed with the guidance of the world-renown Mark Kendrick, one of the original founding master builders of the Fender Custom Shop and current Director of Fender’s Global Build Standards Team.

Incorporating Fender’s spirit to pursue innovation and technologies while treasuring the very essence of its DNA, the Made in Japan Heritage Series features vintage tones, traditional designs and authentic specs of true Fender Instruments coupled with quality Japanese craftmanship. This series establishes the true value of the Made in Japan Fender products, through extensive re-evaluation of its significant history and evolution of the Japan-made products. The lineup consists of 11 classic Fender electric guitar and bass models featuring historically accurate specifications, tones and colors.


Mark Kendrick, with deep insight and his knowledge of Fender guitars through his career as Senior Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop, and currently responsible for quality management and manufacturing efficiency for the global production of Fender products, supervised the entire journey and process of the series development. This series delivers the true essence of Fender instruments with refined body and neck shapes, ideal pickup settings and colors - all referenced from the original US drawing archives and various vintage instruments.

"The Made in Japan Heritage Series captures the spirit and very essence of Fender’s DNA. These guitars are authentic Fender craftmanship. You will notice the classic nuances in the lines, curves and contours almost immediately. The player will enjoy the sound of historic tones while appreciating the high quality of the Japanese craftsmanship," says Kendrick. "I was blown away the first time I held a guitar from the Japan Heritage Series! These guitars exceeded my expectations.”

Features include:

Vintage Tones: Pickup magnet materials, number of coil turns and magnet heights were analyzed in depth to capture the sonic qualities of true vintage tones

Traditional Looks: Original US drawing archives, as well as Mark Kendrick's vast knowledge of original Fender guitars, helped recreate the shapes and colors that accurately follow the footsteps of historical Fender instruments

Authentic Specs: The pure essence of Fender DNA has been incorporated into the very details of the Heritage instruments, from pickup materials, cloth wire, even to the logo and decal designs based on the original artworks of vintage models

Fender New Basses

Models (available only in Japan):

● Made in Japan Heritage ‘50s Precision Bass® (MSRP 160,000 JPY)

● Made in Japan Heritage ‘60s Precision Bass® (MSRP 160,000 JPY)

● Made in Japan Heritage ‘60s Jazz Bass® (MSRP 160,000 JPY)

● Made in Japan Heritage ‘70s Jazz Bass® (MSRP 160,000 JPY)

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