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April 1st, 2021 – In taking the rising popularity of short scale basses to the next level, Fender today announced the release of their Ultra Short Scale Bass Series. Built with the same attention to detail and high quality materials as their other lines of basses, the Ultra Short Scales are remarkably more compact in size, but with no shortage of tone or playability. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 10.50.31 PM

Boasting five frets, ash or alder bodies, maple or rosewood fretboards, Fender pickups and electronics, and jumbo headstocks, these instruments will change the modern approach to bass forever.  

“The old saying goes that bassists make their money below the fifth fret, so we made that concept a reality,” explained the Fender Product Development team during the virtual unveiling event. “This bass might not be for every player, but we’re certain it’s for bassists who want to keep their gigs.” 

“Finally!” added the guitarists in attendance.  

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Not only will this bass keep you playing the low notes, it's also super lightweight and remarkably portable. Fitting in most ukulele gig bags, this small but mighty 4-string weights in at only 4.1 lbs. So say goodbye to both soloing and also those pesky neck and back aches. 

"While more adventurous players might initially perceive this as limiting their creative range, we strongly believe that the five fret system will still offer everything you need to sit in the pocket and groove," remarked a Fender builder. "And besides, this thing is adorable. Look at it." 

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The Ultra Short Scale Series Basses will be available with many options including 7 different finishes, block or dot inlays, alder or ash bodies, and Fender's American Original Jazz and Precision pickups. 

The Fender Ultra Short Scale Series Basses will be released April 31st, 2021. 

Prices and availability to be announced soon. 

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