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The Bass Centre, London, England is pleased to announce the launch of a brand set of ELITES signature strings, dedicated to legendary British bass master, Peter Hook.

The larger than life bassist, the founding member of Joy Division and New Order currently fronting his own outfit, Peter Hook & The Light, is one of the most influential British musicians of the post-punk era. Renowned internationally for his propulsive, rhythmic, and melodic bass lines, he has been using Bass Centre Elites for over 25 years - so we think that it is high time indeed that he should be honoured with his own signature set!


The PETER HOOK CUSTOM SET features the unique ELITES stainless steel, roundwound gauge mix (.060 - .065 - .085 - .105) that has been at the heart of his distinctive style and sound for so much of his storied career.


The comprehensive range of Elites bass strings is manufactured according to the exacting specifications of the Bass Centre, London, England, the world’s first, foremost, and most famous bass guitar specialist. Established for over 30 years and informed and inspired by our experience and communication with top players throughout the world, Elites are the strings of choice for a dedicated army of musicians who demand quality, durability, and consistent tone.