Emmy Wildwood to Release New LP ‘Legend In A Few Minds’ With Julia Adamy on Bass

The album will be released on March 4th, 2022

Emmy Wildwood to Release New LP ‘Legend In A Few Minds’ With Julia Adamy on Bass

The album will be released on March 4th, 2022

The record which she co-produced with Tucson native Steven Lee Tracy at Saint Cecilia Studio fuses her desert roots with a future thinking approach to her studied pop song writing catalog. Intentionally blending classic and ultra digital elements, Wildwood and Tracy hit a hot spot that hopes to cause a visceral sizzle in the listener.

“Lyrically and sonically, I wanted every part to feel jam packed with beauty how I know it and that starts with enlisting players known for a sensitive yet impactful touch like bass player Julia Adamy and drummer Ross Pederson who Wildwood collaborated with on these tracks from across the country.

Wildwood and Pederson performing

“We were dead smack in the middle of quarantine and we were not set up to fully home record yet but we could track together because of travel restrictions. I called up Julia and said, if you just say yes to trying this virtual record with me, I will find a way to make it beautiful. Having played together since 2013, Julia was used to me wanting to try (Unconventional) things I suppose and I’ll never forget getting at text reply from her that simply said yes with a party emoj!”

Steven has a drama and a beauty to his production style across the board, no matter the genre which is why I picked him. He blended a vintage drum machine into Ross’s live playing as a way to bridge the beauty from many eras. It created a pocket of listenability where ultra digital sounds alone do not. There is comfort in having sounds we recognize accompanying sounds that are scary and new to us.”


The songs, daringly personal at times, serve as fables exploding with positive messages of self-acceptance. Dashing through her self-recognized hyper vigilance and longing to heal the people she loved Emmy’s album suggests themes of a better way in the world we have been dragging ourselves through, if not from her horror stories alone portrayed in songs like “Narcissist Slayer” and “Angel.”

“The message in every chapter of what I think of as a musical romance novel, is on the most basic level-you are going to get through whatever current hell you are walking through. Life is harder than you think and you must navigate chaos minute by minute. Everyone is feeling what you feel too and it’s temporary but you will have to problem solve ALOT. There are people who will not only love you but also understand you. Develop callouses not callousness and use your power for good.”

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