Darkglass Electronics Unveils Powerful New Digital and Analog Combos

Portable yet potent, the new Darkglass combos are crafted for musicians who demand versatility across a range of settings

Darkglass Electronics Unveils Powerful New Digital and Analog Combos

Portable yet potent, the new Darkglass combos are crafted for musicians who demand versatility across a range of settings

Darkglass Electronics, a trailblazer in high-end bass gear, proudly introduces the M500 Darkglass combos, setting a new standard for pure analog power and unmatched flexibility in bass amplification.

Designed for the discerning musician who demands pristine tones with precision, the M500 Darkglass combos deliver an inspiring 500 watts of analog power. Engineered for ultimate adaptability, these combos boast two speaker configurations to cater to different sonic preferences: choose between the impactful 1×12 or the dynamic 2×10 Eminence ceramic speakers. Both configurations are powered by a high-efficiency class D power module, ensuring a perfect blend of power and clarity.

“We’re thrilled to present the M500 Darkglass combos, a result of our relentless pursuit of sonic excellence and adaptability,” said Marcos Barilatti, Managing Director at Darkglass Electronics. “These combos are a testament to our commitment to providing bassists with the tools they need to elevate their musical expression.”

Portable yet potent, the M500 Darkglass combos are crafted for musicians who demand versatility across a range of settings, from intimate home setups to dynamic rehearsals and large venues. The compact analog powerhouse ensures that bassists can take their signature sound wherever inspiration strikes.

Key Features of the M500 Combos:

Active/Passive Switch: Seamlessly attenuate input signals for both active and passive instruments, ensuring optimal performance for any setup.

Darkglass Analog Preamp: Experience unparalleled sonic precision with the Darkglass Analog Preamp, delivering a rich and dynamic tone that sets you apart.

Four-Band Ultra Quiet Equalizer: Fine-tune your sound with surgical precision. Our four-band equalizer, featuring push potentiometers for low-mid (500Hz/1 kHz) and high-mid (1.5 kHz/3 kHz) adjustment, lets you sculpt your tone with unrivaled accuracy.

Drive Control (Vintage Microtubes & Microtubes B3K): Unleash a spectrum of distortion possibilities with the Blend, Level, and Drive controls. Effortlessly transition between Vintage Microtubes and Microtubes B3K to explore a world of versatile tones.

Compression with Automatic Gain Adjustment: Shape your dynamics with precision using the built-in compression. Enjoy automatic gain adjustment for a seamless blend of punch and clarity in your playing.

Master Volume with Mute: Take control of your overall volume and enjoy instant silence at the push of a button. The Master with Mute feature provides unparalleled command over your sound, whether on stage or in the studio.

Headphone Output: Indulge in private listening and practice sessions without disturbing others. The headphone output ensures that you can refine your craft without compromise.

The Infinity 500 Combo is a groundbreaking bass combo amplifier that sets a new standard for tonal possibilities. Designed to empower bassists with unparalleled control over their sound, the Infinity 500 Combo offers a level of fine-tuning and digital versatility that is truly revolutionary.

Key Features of the Infinity 500 Combo:

Revolutionary Tonal Control: The Darkglass Infinity 500 Combo introduces a new era in bass amplification, providing bassists with an extensive array of fine-tuning options to craft their ideal tone. Infinity 500 combo amps feature two distinct drive voices based on Darkglass’ renowned VMT and B3K distortion engines, as well as an all-new Octaver effect and Compression algorithm. From subtle adjustments to bold transformations, the possibilities are limitless.

Seamless Preset Transitions: Experience fluid transitions between presets with ease. The Infinity 500 Combo ensures that bassists can navigate through their sonic palette effortlessly, making it the ideal companion for both live gigs and studio sessions. Seamlessly switch between tones without missing a beat.

Configurable Speaker Options: Tailor your sound with precision by choosing between the 2×10 or 1×12 configurations. Each configuration delivers a formidable 500 watts of power, providing the perfect balance of punch, clarity, and depth.

500 Watts of Raw Power: The Infinity 500 Combo packs a punch with 500 watts of raw power, ensuring that your bass lines are not just heard but felt. Whether on stage or in the studio, this powerhouse combo amplifier delivers a commanding presence.

Full Digital Versatility: Embrace the future of bass amplification with the Infinity 500 Combo’s full digital versatility. Explore a wide range of tones and effects, opening new sonic landscapes for bassists to explore and conquer. Pair the Infinity 500 Combo with Darkglass’ MIDI Footswitch for instant changes in your tonal palette.

“Darkglass Electronics has always been at the forefront of innovation in the bass gear industry, and the Infinity 500 Combo is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” said Marcos Barilatti, Managing Director at Darkglass Electronics. “We believe this amplifier will redefine the way bassists approach their craft, offering a level of tonal control and versatility that was previously unimaginable in a combo amplifier.”

Elevate your bass playing experience with the Darkglass Infinity 500 Combo—a revolutionary amplifier that provides new dimensions in tonal exploration.

For more information about the new combos and other Darkglass Electronics products, please visit www.darkglass.com.

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