Bryant Wilder Announces New Album ‘Fingerprints’

Fingerprints is an eclectic blend of incredible funk, salsa and gospel

Bryant Wilder Announces New Album ‘Fingerprints’

Fingerprints is an eclectic blend of incredible funk, salsa and gospel

Pluckwild Music Is thrilled to
announce the release of the latest album from Bryant Wilder,
Fingerprints, available everywhere on August 21st, 2020.

Fingerprints is an eclectic blend of incredible funk, salsa and gospel. If
you like Bruno Mars, you’ll love Fingerprints hit single, WtF (Where’s the
Funk, featuring The Schtank Machine), an indisputable groove that will
make you get to groovin’.

Bryant has held a bass since he was 14. The bassist, songwriter,
arranger and producer has recorded and performed with artists such as
Missy Elliot, The CD Hawkins Singers, New Kids On The Block and Shirley
Caesar on many of the world greatest stages, including; Saturday Night
Live, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden

Fingerprints is his sophomore album, following The Right Track,
which was released in 2004.

Bassist, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer Bryant Wilder began his career in music as teenager in The Bronx. His interest in music was forged, in part, by the daily mid-afternoon band rehearsals of his cousin who lived in the same building. One could often hear the funk as it saturated the walls of the old tenement, traveled the dimly lit corridors to Bryant’s room and cultivated a musical spark in his own heart. The band’s bassist, a certain Puerto Rican Joe (also Bryant’s earliest Bass influence!) was the center of a musical attraction for Bryant, and he termed him ‘the funkiest cat alive’. From that point on, the bass was it for Bryant. And play bass he does!

He has been playing in NYC area churches since he was 15 years old. His work also includes touring, recording and/or performing for Missy Elliot, The CD Hawkins Singers, Jonathan Dubose Jr., Robert Lowe & Generations, New Kids On The Block, Shirley Caesar, Rev. Timothy Wright and the Grammy Award winning Tri-Boro Mass Choir. Recently, he has appeared on Saturday Night Live w/Missy Elliot and BET’s “Bobby Jones Gospel” with Monique Walker. He has also worked as bassist for the house band for Sony Music New R&B Artists Showcases.

Bryant always says, “100% is never enough” and asserts that, “Being an accompanying bassist is fun, but I know there is much more depth to the music that I create and want to play”. He also believes that success is not predicated on what you already know or do, but what you are willing to learn or enhance. Therefore, he has founded “PluckWild Music”; a production company that is devoted to making the music that people want to hear. His productions blend live instrumentation and synthesizers that create intense low-end, head bobbing, feet tapping songs that listeners hum for days.

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